Born in Naples in 1979 I began playing electric guitar self – learning and then I studied classical guitar with Giovanni Petrazzuolo; in only 5 years I got Classical Guitar Degree in Music Salerno Conservatory .Then I got improving lessons with some of the best classical guitarist in the world: Eliot Fisk (USA), Leo Brouwer (Cuba), Antonio De Innocentis, and High Improvement Master with Aniello Desiderio at the Music Conservatory in Avellino.
I got a Master Degree in Instrumental Music Teaching with honors at the Music Conservatory in Avellino; here I got also the Professional Guitar Teaching Qualification with highest scores.

I regularly play for public institution and private academy and I was invited in some of most interesting young musician festivals like Amsterdam (Nederland) Guitar Academy, Fiuggi International Guitar Festival, Castel d’Aiano (Bologna) “Claxica” International Guitar Festival, Badalucco (Imperia) “Musicalemnte” Classical Music Festival, Villaricca (Naples) A World of Peace Music Festival, Piana di Monteverna (Caserta) Guitar Festival, Capri (Naples) “Wine & Music” festival, Teatro Sancarluccio (Napoli) Classical Music Season, Kelly Castle (Scotland), Chateau de Ligoure Guitar Course (France), Ramirez Shop Madrid concert series, Nordon Guitar Festival (Netherlands), Taggia in classica (Imperia) and many others.

I worked to a Brahms Hungarian Dance #5 guitar transcription edited by “Edizioni Musicali Esarmonia” in Capua (Caserta) and also a my classical guitar composition called “Petit Study” was selected by great composer Leo Brouwer to be edited in the anthology “Leo Brouwer presents, 14 selected modern composition” by the international major “Carisch”.

I am classical guitar Professor in Public Schools in order to be winner of a national public selection.
I am classical guitar teacher in Civic Music School “Raimondo Sorrentino” in Acerra (Naples) since 2005.

Through this institution, I founded and conducted the guitar orchestra "Acerra Young Guitars Orchestra" that performs consistently over the whole territory on the local but also in the rest of Italy during prestigious festivals and has gained international attention by professionals works and composers who have dedicated their new works.


In 2008 I designed, promoted and directed the “Acerra Guitar Meetings” festival, which is began one of the most interesting annual Classical Guitar Festival in Italy, with Classical Guitar Competition, Classical Guitar Competition for Composers, Masterclass, Lutherie Conference and Show rooms, Recital and Live Concerts, with the most important artists of guitar (Aniello Desiderio, Giulio Tampalini, Antonio De Innocentis, Marcin Dylla, Pavel Steidl, Zoran Dukic, Lorenzo Micheli, Matthew McAllister, Carlo Marchione, Eleftheria Kotzia, Arnaldo Freire, Gabriel Bianco), all taking place in the beautifull resort "Casa dell'umana accoglienza" in Acerra.


I am a Salvador Cortez guitars endorser